Minsiter Hillary Onek Launches PDM in Amuru District

Minsiter Hillary Onek Launches PDM in Amuru District
Minister for Refugees and Disaster Preparedness in the office of the prime minister on Thursday 30th June launched the Parish Development model program during a sensitization meeting organized at the district's Multipurpose Hall.
During the launch, Minister Hillary Onek encouraged the district stakeholders to focus on wealth creating by investing in only businesses that are profit making rather than spending money on losses.
According to the minister, each person must be his or her brother's keeper so that every one prospers together.
He warned political leaders against politicizing government programs but encouraged them to work together to ensure that the new Parish Development Model succeeds in Amuru District.

Monday, July 4, 2022
PDM sensitisation Workshop of district stakeholders at Multipurpose Hall