Widows in Amuru repossess land, following successful ADR process

Widows in Amuru repossess land, following successful ADR process
By Mildred Auma
Communication Officer
Many widows in Amuru district have been resettled on their land after a successful alternative dispute resolution mechanism.
Redeem programs manager, James Komakech said that the three cases that were of land conflict in nature were resolved through meditations with the community and clans affected.
According to Komakech, the cases involved the widows being chased out of their land by close relatives of their husbands.
The widows included; Matina Abalo (74), Saverio Arach (60) and Vicky Aciro(30).
Redeem Program manager Komakech says two of the widows have now been resettled back on their land and were supported with income generation activities to improve their livelihood.
Meanwhile, Amuru district deputy chief administrative officer, John Bosco Opio commended Redeem for resettling back the widows and encouraged the widows to work hard to improve the welfare of their families.
Amuru district LCV chairperson, Michael Lakony also implored the widows to take charge of their home and put the acquired land to good use to avoid future threats of land grabbing.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023