Amuru District leaders welcome new malaria project

Amuru district leaders have welcomed a new project by The AIDs Support Organization (TASO) and malaria consortium.
The project that is being funded by Global Fund is dubbed, “Supporting Uganda’s malaria reduction and elimination strategy.”
An official from TASO, Rogers Mugoya says that the new project has a goal that by 2025, the project expects to reduce morbidity by 50% and mortality by 75% of the 2019 malaria levels.
He adds that the project beneficiaries will include; children under five, pregnant mothers, community health workers, village health team members, drug shops and community based organizations among others.
While giving his remarks, Amuru district health Officer, Dr. Patrick Olwedo said that the project is timely because many people are forgetting about malaria and focusing on COVID 19.
He welcomed the project and pledged district commitment in implementation and sustainability of the project.
Currently, malaria positivity rate of Amuru district stands at 67%, with the worst sub county being Pogo and Pabbo town council, which has the highest positivity rate of 76%.
Mugoya encouraged all leaders at the district to be advocates for reduction of malaria in the district by encouraging health workers to preach prevention during health education; rather than treatment.

Thursday, September 30, 2021